SO, after a dramatic prorogation and weeks of Parliament being suspended, we learned that Boris Johnson’s actions were null and void. We had never been prorogued.

As we all returned to Parliament, I knew that there was lots to do: issues to raise with ministers; questions to ask of the Government; debates to speak in; and new Lib Dem MPs to meet properly.

Parliament is all about representing your constituents. And, whilst I could still carry out local work when we were suspended, I couldn’t use all the tools at my disposal to make your voices heard in Westminster. And my constituents didn’t stop writing to me with their concerns, requests and ideas for our area.

Take the A34, and the urgent need for improvements including at Lodge Hill near Abingdon.

I’ve been putting pressure on the Government since my maiden speech in 2017 about this. And, whilst it’s good that £9.45 million of funding has finally been granted by the Government towards a Lodge Hill scheme, that will be spread over four years.

And according to the county council, the Lodge Hill scheme has been delayed again, this time due to the time it is taking them and the Highways Agency to do detailed assessments. Local residents will be rightly annoyed about this.

Similarly, improvement plans for the road announced by Highways England in the summer don’t go far enough, with works such as the installation of a hard shoulder not being given the go-ahead, apparently delayed while the Expressway remains on the cards.

I have asked the Government if it has ever made an assessment of the impact of the Expressway project on the A34, and if they have made environmental impact assessments of the improvement works.

The Expressway itself still hasn’t had the full public consultation so many people have asked for. I’m using Parliamentary Questions to find out whether the Expressway meets key policy requirements for large projects. We need assurances on whether due diligence is being carried out.

In Westminster and in our community, I will continue to work with residents, councillors and others to address the housing crisis and find a workable solution that protects greenfield land when there are other paths we can take.

And I haven’t even mentioned working to avoid a disastrous no-deal Brexit yet!

I’m absolutely delighted to be back in Parliament and working to improve our area and representing your interests.

So please continue to call, email and write letters to me – together we really are making a difference.