KNIFE amnesty bins will be made a permanent feature at police stations across Thames Valley.

It comes after hundreds of potential weapons were anonymously dropped in to one of the 16 bins across TVP.

The bins give people the opportunity to hand over knives and blades with no questions asked.

It's part of a nationwide scheme to reduce knife crime.

Until now the bins were only put into stations during a special week of action called Operation Sceptre.

The most recent week from September 16 to 22 and in that time 515 blades and knives were handed over to TVP.

Of those, 163 were from Oxfordshire.

Superintendent Stan Gilmour said: "In the near future we plan to introduce permanent knife bins at some of our police stations."

Last month it was revealed that Thames Valley Police would stop sharing photos of the knives handed in over concerns it could scare the public.