A SIGN outside a church that says KFC will be opening its first vegan restaurant has been branded fake news by the chicken shop chain.

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) specialises in fried chicken, and despite some speculating on social media that the shop might now fry cabbage, cauliflower or other vegetables beginning with the letter C – the chain has confirmed it will always be chicken.

They said the sign, which was secured with cable ties to lamp-posts outside The Catholic Church of Our Lady and St Edmund, was not a stunt pulled off by anybody from KFC.

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The large poster on Radley Road declares: ‘A brand new vegan-only KFC restaurant opening soon in Abingdon.

“Climate change means a dietary change, KFC knows best.”

One person took to Facebook to ask: “Was I dreaming tonight or did I see a notice to say Abingdon is having a vegan KFC...?”

Another said the poster was real ­— but that it is a bit late (or early) for an April Fools joke.

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Replying, another commenter said: "Kentucky fried cabbage! Yum"

A spokesperson from KFC cleared things up a little, saying: "Fake news...we're flattered at the enthusiasm but the poster wasn't us!

"We'll always be KFC not KFV!"

It remains unknown why the sign was pinned up outside, or who the real prankster is.