THE FAMILY of Emily Goodman, who was named by police today as a victim in an ongoing murder investigation, have shared tributes of the 'strong' and 'beautiful' grandma-to-be.

They described the 42-year-old, who died from severe neck injuries in Foresters Tower, as a 'survivor'.

Her daughter, Yasminah Goodman, described her mother as a 'comfort blanket' with a 'cheeky smile', saying: "My mother was the strongest person I have ever known.

“Mum was, and always will be loved by me and she loved her friends and family so deeply.

“She was a survivor, with love as her only enemy.

“She carried beautiful babies while alive and I am so grateful for the life that she gave me.

“Only recently in a message mum sent to me, she told me that she loves me unconditionally and that I always know where she is.

Oxford Mail:

Yasminah with her mum

“It is tragic that she will never get to meet the baby boy I will bring into life.

“My mum would have been a grandma for the first time and now that has been taken from her.

“Her grandson will never get to know her character, or lose himself in laughter from all the jokes and love that she would give unconditionally.

“I will always remember my mother’s stories, her experiences and her warm company that was like the comfort of a soft blanket.

“In her, I always found a place to call home. I am now so lost because that home no longer stands.

“She can never hold me again. I can never again cry onto her shoulder or hold her while she cries onto mine.

“I love you mother, dearest, and I am always going to miss your cheeky smile, the sound of your laugh, and your conversations the most.

“I hope that you are now at peace and you are with Grandad again and the many others who were taken too soon.

“I hope they look after you in a way that this world never could for you.”

Her parents, Marie Bradley and Paul Goodman, explained how they had taken Emily under their wing when she was nine-years-old.

They said: "We are profoundly shocked by the loss of our daughter Emily. She was and will always be deeply loved and cherished.

“We met her first playing football in a cold and sunny school yard on the Isle of Dogs and she became a part of our family later that year when she was nine years old.

“She was a bright, beautiful, tough and vulnerable little girl.

“Life for us as a family was both rich and complicated.

“Her mixture of toughness and vulnerability ensured that life was never easy, sometimes joyful, sometimes dark.

“Emily struggled to find a steady place in her life. She was passionate, intense, funny, challenging and fragile.

“We hoped that time would bring her close to peace. She will stay with us always, with love and grief.”