A TREASURE trove of Twinkies, Tim Tams, and all other types of tempting sweets all the way from American has opened as the county's newest sweet shop.

The appetizing assortment of sugary sweets and drinks from the States can be found at Candy Warehouse in Bicester.

But the shop comes with a difference, it is nestled in the back of a tool shop where owners decided to diversify into supplying sweets from overseas also.

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Owner Carl Ashford, who owns Gem Tools, said: "It is a strange story to how it came about really.

"As the director at Gem Tools I started the online side of the business about six or seven years ago. Gem tools is doing well but there can be substantial overhead costs and it is highly competitive.

"So, we thought let's try something different. We started with a small sweets and drinks counter in the shop and then online, and it just all grew very quickly."

Oxford Mail:

Pictured is Iain Moore at Candy Warehouse

Mr Ashford said when he originally set up the online business selling sweets and drinks from America, around October last year, he thought it would be a seasonal influx of customers around Halloween and Christmas.

But population continued to grow throughout the year and helped cover the tool shops overhead costs so Gem Tools could remain competitive and the new sweet shop could be opened out the back in Wedgewood Road, Bicester.

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As part of the sweet shops offerings there are Hershey's chocolate bars, Millions, a variety of Reeses, cereals such as Lucky Charms and Fruit Loops, Swedish Fish, a variety of Skittles, Pop Tarts, scores of M&Ms in all flavours, Candy Corn, fudge-covered Oreos, Twinkies and more.

Among the drinks available include KoolAid, Jolly Rancher Soda, and YooHoo chocolate. There is also a range of other foodie items including Stove Top stuffing.

The shop opened today and currently its opening times are 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday - with owners hoping to extend these times in the future.

For more details search Candy Warehouse Bicester on facebook.com or go to candy-warehouse.co.uk