OXFORD'S Lord Mayor Craig Simmons is supporting Extinction Rebellion's next protest in London and other cities, which the group is planning for next month. 

It said it will stage direct action again from October 7 until October 19. 

On its website, it says: "Greta [Thunberg] hasn’t got this. The school strikers haven’t got this. We, Extinction Rebellion, haven’t got this. But together, we stand a chance of turning this around. So we need everybody…"

Video by Zoe Broughton

In a video taken by the group, Mr Simmons, a Green councillor, said: "Direct action is a really important part of the democratic process and I'd like people to get on the streets to protest about climate change on 7th October, turn out on the streets of London or at another event that's close to you. 

"It's really, really important we act together on climate change. Why is that so? Well, first the science is really certain. It's absolutely sure that we're burning the planet and we need to do something about it." 

Mr Simmons added: "Second, we understand what we need to do about it – all the measures that we need to do now to go to net zero emissions are well understood. 

"And thirdly, we know the cost is manageable: we can afford to move towards a low carbon economy, towards a zero carbon economy."