WE asked you to submit pictures of the worst parking you have seen in Oxford and beyond — and you did not disappoint.

You pointed out your bugbears: people parking on pavements, abandoning their cars on double yellow lines, blocking driveways and footpaths, and causing a danger to other drivers.

Oxford Mail:

This photographer was conflicted about the bad parking by cyclists here.

He said: “Much as I support cycling this is three rusting bikes blocking a pavement in Bartlemas Road. No way to get a pram/wheel chair/person with walking stick past. They have been there for three months.” 

Meanwhile, in Headington Quarry, this resident pointed out that there were “constant bad parkers.”

Oxford Mail:

Wantage also came in for some complaints, with the spotter below telling us that every day in Wantage is a bad parking day.

Oxford Mail:

Just last week, a fire engine travelling through Wantage was prevented from getting back to the station by an inconsiderate driver who left their car on double yellow lines.

You can read all about the firefighters response to this here.

Oxford Mail:

The new multi-storey at Didcot Parkway station also cam under fire.

This photographer said: “A polite(ish!) notice had been left on the windscreen by another passer-by!”

The strength of the response we had was overwhelming, and it is clear that bad parking in Oxford and around Oxfordshire is a huge problem people are facing every day.

Some of the worst examples you have sent us are in the photo gallery above.

Do you think you can do better?

Have you seen worse parking in Oxford? Or maybe in a nearby town? Send us your photos and comments about them to the submissions form here.

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