FIVE teenagers, two as young as 14, have been arrested on suspicion of burglary days after Carphone Warehouse was raided.

On Tuesday thieves smashed their way into the Westgate Centre shop before ripping phones from display units and fleeing.

It is thought a large hammer was used to pull of the heist, as one had been left at the scene in the shop window – next to the shattered door.

Police have now revealed that two 14 year-olds have been arrested alongside a 15 year-old boy and two 16 year-old boys.

They are all being questioned by Thames Valley Police about the burglary.

On Tuesday staff at the shop, which sits next to Itsu and Mango, said they first knew about the incident at around 5am when they got a call from the company in charge of the unit’s alarms.

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When they arrived at the shop, shards of glass from the door could be seen scattered on the floor.

Wires could also be seen dangling from display units under advertising for the new iPhone – the 11 Max Pro.

The shop was cordoned off until the afternoon while police officers searched for fingerprints and evidence.

It reopened at around 1pm.

One shop assistant suggested a break-in had been feared because it was common knowledge that the new iPhone – retailing at about £1,500 – had launched last Friday.

He said that the phones the thieves had ripped from the wall were actually just dummy versions.

Despite looking like normal phones, the demonstration versions only do the basics to show potential buyers how they work.

He said: “It was only a matter of time. The new iPhone came out on Friday. But that one was a demo phone.”

A door has now been temporarily closed with wood.

Dummy phones have been replaced, including the new iPhone models.

Police are expected to make a decision on charging the teens today.

Pictures from the scene:

Oxford Mail:

A piece of wood is now covering the smashed doorway at the unit in the Westgate Centre.

Oxford Mail:

The shop is next to Itsu and Mango. A police officer was on patrol near the scene today.

Oxford Mail:

The door had been smashed at the front entrance of the shop and wires could be seen dangling from the display units – where demo phones were kept to show customers how they worked.

Oxford Mail:

The large hammer, the weapon believed to be used in the break-in, was seen in the window.

Oxford Mail:

Police officers were on the scene collecting evidence and dusting for fingerprints. They were spotted boxing up the larger hammer, and putting glass shards into test tubes.