OXFORD is among the 100 most expensive places for a weekly shop in the UK according to a recent study – but it could be worse.

A recent study by Compare My Mobile has uncovered the cheapest and most expensive places to buy the most popular weekly food shop items in the UK.

The study revealed that Oxford ranked in the top 100 most expensive places for families to buy the weekly food shop in the UK.

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Oxford Mail:

Oxford shoppers get more for their money than in other areas.


On average a shopping basket full of the most common shopping items costs £43.96 per week, but if the same items were purchased in Worcester it would cost £47.49; a saving of £15 per month and a staggering £183 extra per year for Oxford residents. 

The data revealed that families in Oxford are on average charged more weekly food shopping basket than those in Reading along with large cities like Liverpool and Nottingham.

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Hounslow was ranked the most expensive place in the UK to buy meat.

The average price for shoppers is almost five times more than those living in Oxford.

The most expensive place for bread is in fact outside the UK’s largest cities.

Royal Leamington Spa took the top spot, while Oxford ranked in the top 20 most affordable places, cheaper than Milton Keynes, Swindon and Cheltenham.

Oxford Mail:

Abingdon was among the 20 most expensive place to shop in the UK. Picture: Ray Partlett.


Healthy snacks like apples and bananas are all more expensive for families to buy in Oxford versus London, Edinburgh and Birmingham, but if the kids are fans of oranges you’re making savings as the town is one of the cheapest in the UK for this type of fruit.

Beer lovers in Oxford are spending more than Londoners for a drink. The town ranked the fourth most expensive place to enjoy a drink in the UK. 


The top 20 most expensive places in the UK for the weekly food shop

(Based on the most common food items added to a weekly shopping basket)

1. Hounslow      

2. London           

3. High Wycombe           

4. Hereford       

5. Norwich         

6. Andover        

7. Chelmsford  

8. Lewisham      

9. Maidenhead

10. Livingston   

11. Abingdon-on-Thames

12. St. Andrews

13. Inverness

14. Peterborough

15. Southend-on-Sea

16. Winchester

17. Bridgend

18. Bristol

19. Surrey

20. Farnborough