For a night of music to stir the soul...and a spoon to stir your tea, don’t miss the chance to see the legendary Tina T’urner Tea Lady.

No, not the River Deep – Mountain High star; this is her biggest fan – a frustrated tea lady and bingo caller with delusions of being a rock diva.

And while Ms T’urner (note the apostrophe) may have finally accepted she isn’t a star, she can still (almost) sing and dance up a brew. And she has her heart set on a full house.

On Wednesday, October 2, Tina – aka award-winning comedian Tracey Collins – comes to The Old Fire Station, Oxford, with her bunch of assorted ‘freaks’.

The night will see the chameleon-like Tracey joined by some of her many alter-egos, including Fanny Leg Up, Flo and Audrey Heartburn.

So who are these people? ”Well, Tina T’urner Tea Lady is a Tina Turner obsessed tea lady who sings, dances and seduces the audience with her famous steamy brew,” says Tracey.

Oxford Mail:

“Fanny Leg Up is an obnoxious self-made billionaire, with a sensual mullet and power jacket,” she goes on. “In the show, she hosts a grotesque motivational seminar.

“Flo is an ex hairdresser to the stars, now a bored housewife.

“She longs for the glitz of her glory days and takes to the streets as a hair brush wielding thief by night. She’s just got to get her hands on some hair.

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“Audrey Heartburn is heartbroken by Hollywood and seeking love in the real world, with the common people. A flawed and ridiculous version of The Holly Golightly archetype.”

How does she choose her personas?

“I’m drawn to larger than life characters,” she says. “I like the sense of freedom and anarchy within them. Some characters come from people I have met in real life, and for others I use the essence of famous personas and twist it into something brand new.

“I like to explore showbiz, the mundane and the surreal.

Oxford Mail:

“I love interacting with the audience and getting them to play along. I look for devices when choosing characters (cups of tea, hair brushing, dating advice) so I can get the audience directly involved.”

And how does she get in ‘the zone’ for each character?

“The way in, for me, is always through the physicality of each character,” she reveals. “Once I set the tone in my face and body, the mannerisms and voice follow with ease. Entering the stage with a prop also helps. Tina hobbles on with her tea tray, Flo holds a cigarette to her lips, Fanny bounds on with a whip, and Audrey shakes a pair of maracas!”

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And does she have a fave? “At the moment, my favourite character to perform is Audrey Heartburn,” she admits.

“Lately, I've been exploring her playful and ridiculous side, rather than the tragedy and sadness which previously lead her performance. It’s been joyful having her ‘date’ a member of the audience, rolling around the floor wearing glamorous sequins, pearls and feathers.”

Oxford Mail:

The night is presented by the irrepressible Vez Hoper of Oxford’s Irregular Folks  - who has previously put on festivals and beautiful happenings everywhere from Oxford meadows and riverside gardens to a gin distillery.

“I absolutely love working with Irregular Folks,” says Tracey. “So much heart, soul and joy goes into their work and I always feel in very safe hands. And Oxford audiences are wonderful fun!”

  • Tina T’urner Tea Lady & Freaks is at the Old Fire Station, Oxford on October 2, 7.30pm. Tickets cost £10-£14 from