HUNDREDS of pupils have left their schools this morning to march, chant and give speeches at another strike for climate change in Oxford.

It is now the city's seventh Youth Strike 4 Climate protest, inspired by child activist Greta Thunberg

Kaitlyn Gresty, 13, from Thame and Karen Young, 10, from Oxford are at the strike in Broad Street.

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Kaitlyn said: "Your generations had a future but we are being told we don't have the same opportunities. It's not fair."

Oxford Mail:

Some of the crowd at the climate strike.

This time the location has moved from Bonn Square to Broad Street, to accommodate more people, and adults are also being urged to join in.

The protest started at 11am and will run until 2pm.

Similar strikes are being planned across the country and around the world today.

Children have travelled from around the county to take part in the protest.

Evan and Cian Wyse from Wallingford are at the strike with their dad, Paul.

Ten-year-old Cian said: "It's important to be here so that polar bears have a home and so the Arctic doesn't melt."

Oxford Mail:

Evan and Cian Wyse with dad Paul.

Kelsie Jesson, 20, and her mother Tracey, 52, from Drayton have also travelled to Oxford for the strike.

Kelsie said: "It is scary because we don't know what will happen in the future. By the time people realise there is a problem it will be too late to stop irreversible change."

Oxford Mail:

Kelsie and Tracey Jesson.

Classmates at Dragon School George Vine, Leo Sarooshi and Nabil Pucks all attended the climate strike with their parents.

Leo, 9, said he wanted to stop climate change related deaths. "If we keep polluting the earth there is no other planet," he said.

Nabil, 8, said he had been watching the news and thought the affects of climate change were really scary.

Oxford Mail:

Protestors on Broad Street.


Chris Church of Oxfordshire Friends of the Earth said he though the crowds at the climate strike were unprecedented.

He said: "This is the largest environmental demonstration Oxford has ever seen.

He added: "It is a wonderful tie-in to all the other things which are happening around the planet at the same time."

Anneliese Dodds, MP for Oxford East was also at the climate strike.

She said: "I think it is really humbling to see a huge number of young people here today and they are very clear that we need to act now. We cannot keep putting action off."