PUPILS who fear for the future of the planet will stage another school walkout in Oxford.

Hundreds of children and teenagers are expected to go 'on strike' from class to attend the city's seventh Youth Strike 4 Climate protest tomorrow, inspired by child activist Greta Thunberg.

This time the location has moved from Bonn Square to Broad Street, to accommodate more people, and adults are also being urged to join in.

Several schools in Oxfordshire have written to parents about the planned boycott.

Oxford Spires Academy in East Oxford has given pupils authorised absence to attend the protests in the past, if they filled in a form and convinced teachers of their reasoning.

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After tomorrow, however, Spires students wanting to attend a strike can only do so if they show commitment to their cause, by joining the school's soon-to-be-founded eco leadership team, the school council, or the school's conservation group.

Headteacher Marianne Blake wrote in a letter: "As a school we have fully supported the six climate strikes over the last academic year.

"We will be taking a slightly different approach to any further strikes this year.

"This is an incredibly important issue for all of us. However, I also need to consider the academic impact of ongoing absences and the potential for students to miss the same subject."

Most schools have refused to authorise absence for the protest, including King Alfred's Academy in Wantage.

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In a letter to parents, headteacher Rick Holroyd said: "We already work hard in our school to educate our students on climate change issues.

"The problem is that, especially by branding these events as ‘school strikes’, these days have the potential to cause considerable disruption.

"I would be saddened if this stance was interpreted as an indication that we do not appreciate the importance of the climate issue."

Cheney School is only allowing absence if students fill in a form explaining why they want to attend, and if they have parental consent.

In a newsletter it said: "As a school, we encourage our young people to voice their opinions and to fight for what matters to them, and these protests are no different.

"However, this is a non-school event that is happening during the school day and we are, therefore, unable to endorse or encourage students to attend."

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The protest will run from 11am until 2pm and promises marching, music, speeches and chanting.

Similar strikes are being planned across the country and around the world tomorrow.

The Youth Strike 4 Climate movement began with action in February, organised by the UK Student Climate Network and the UK Youth Climate Coalition.

It was inspired by Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old activist who skipped school every day to lobby the Swedish government into action on global warming.

Just under 1,000 people have expressed interest via a Facebook event page in attending - contrary to a claim in The Metro that 'the entire city of Oxford will go on strike.'