THE county council said it will have more control over when and what work is done to roads after it approved a new policy.

The council will have the power to manage and control when roadworks are done after it voted to change its policy yesterday.

Previously, the authority has relied on cooperation between the council and companies doing works, usually utility companies.

Yvonne Constance, the council's cabinet member for environment, said: “Roadworks are always essential to making sure everyone has water, gas, electricity and broadband supplies while repairs and resurfacing mean that people are able to get around."

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She added: “People get frustrated when their journeys are interrupted by road works and, while essential disruption can’t be avoided, we need the powers to step in when things go on too long or aren’t being managed as they should be.

“In the past we have worked quite well with companies and work closely to coordinate roadworks. But when things don’t go to plan our powers have been limited – now we will have incentives for work to be done on time and teeth to take action when it’s not.”

The council had initially been urged to adopt the changes by ex-transport secretary Chris Grayling in 2018. It accepted them yesterday.