A DEFENDANT in the Southfield Road murder trial was found stabbed in the same street that night, a court has heard.

The trial for four men accused of murdering 22-year-old Luciano Dos Santos Almeida continued at Oxford Crown Court yesterday, with jurors shown clips of footage and hearing from a Cowley Road kebab shop worker.

Michael Yemane, 20, of South Bridge Row, Oxford, Welid Solomon, 25, of Field Avenue, Oxford, Sasan Mohammed Khalid, 19, of no fixed abode, and Safeen Abdullah Karimi, 28, of Hode Garth, Thame, all deny one count of murder.

Mr Almeida was hit by a car then fatally stabbed at about 11.30pm on February 27, and jurors saw a video from a police officer's body-worn camera shortly afterwards.

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It showed a man, who repeatedly identified himself to police as Safeen Karimi, crouched on Southfield Road with a stab wound.

The footage recorded the officer running to get a first aid kit, then urging the man to lie down so he can put pressure on the laceration, telling him it is 'bleeding loads.'

Asked 'who did this?', 'why did they start chasing you?' then 'why did they try to run you over?' he said: "I've never seen them before."

When the injured man asked police where the ambulance was, the officer explained that paramedics had to prioritise another stabbed man - understood to be Mr Almeida - who was 'further up the road' and whose injuries were more serious.

A paramedic then arrives and can be heard saying the wound, below the man's armpit, appeared to be 'minor.'

Officers repeatedly ask the man if he saw a person in a red jacket as they 'want to check he is okay.'

Jurors were then shown a red and black puffer jacket, which police seized from Yemane's flat on March 4.

It had some cuts in the fabric, which the prosecution suggested could be from a knife.

Although they were not clearly visible from the public gallery, jurors were told the coat had been found to have blood stains on.

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Police also seized a yellow jacket from a council-run property in Windmill Road, Headington, the court heard, and two camouflage jackets.

They had been trying to find jackets of that description after seeing CCTV of suspects wearing them.

Jurors also heard evidence yesterday from a man named in court as Mr Koska, who was working at Bodrum Kebab on Cowley Road on the night of the alleged murder.

CCTV from the award-nominated takeaway and restaurant, which is close to the Southfield Road junction, shows a man handing a coat to Mr Koska to keep behind the counter, at 11.38pm.

The prosecution alleged the man in the video was Khalid.

Mr Koska said the man gave no explanation about why the coat needed storing, but returned about two hours later to retrieve it with two other men, looking 'red-faced and panicky.'

The kebab shop employee said he joked with the man, saying he had sold the coat, and the man became 'angry.'

Khalid's defence barrister challenged this, stating: "There was no anger or irritation [and] he was not red in the face. It was perfectly good-natured."

Mr Koska estimated the time of the coat drop to be 8.30pm, but the CCTV showed that this was out by some hours, and the defence said the witness had 'got the detail wrong.'

The trial continues.