THE county council has backed a plan for a car free day in Oxford, which will take place next Sunday, September 22.

Many cities around the world will mark World Car Free Day.

As part of Oxford's effort, Broad Street will be closed off to cars.

It will promote reducing air pollution and how people should take up walking and cycling in a safer environment, according to county councillor Suzanne Bartington.

Dr Bartington is one councillor who has backed the plan.

The county council's cabinet member for environment, Yvonne Constance, formally gave the authority's backing at a meeting on Tuesday.

She said: "We welcome the World Car Free Day. The effects of traffic, including excessive traffic speeds, traffic volume, fumes and noise have a major effect on health and the environment."

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She added: "The effects of traffic in urban areas such as Oxford can discourage walking or cycling and conflict with public transport use.

"Today, with over one billion motor vehicles on the roads around the globe, many people cannot escape the pollution, noise and danger that they produce.

"We believe one day a year should be set aside to leave the car and engage with cycling, walking and public transport instead. Oxford's Car Free Day 2019 will encourage people to be less dependent on their cars and try alternatives."

British Cycling and Active Oxfordshire plan to plant a 'pump track' activity at the northern part of Broad Street to mark the day. There will be an emergency access lane in the southern part of Broad Street.

The road closure in Broad Street has been approved by the city council. The county council will be arranging road closure traffic management signs, barriers, staffing and other diversion routes.