WORK will slow drivers down on a road that has been labelled the ‘most heavily used rat run in the city by quite some way’.

A raised junction table will be built at the junction of Rymers Lane, Littlehay Road and Cornwallis Road in Florence Park. It will cost about £30,000.

Most of the money will come from county council funds.

John Sanders, who represents Cowley on the council, said it is ‘lucky no one’s been killed’ on Rymers Lane by reckless motorists.

Mr Sanders said: “Every once in a while there’s an idiot driver who decides he owns the road and you can’t stop them.

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“This [work] is intended to slow traffic down to a walking pace at that junction, which means that if there is an accident then it shouldn’t cause too much of an injury and it’ll be safer for pedestrians and cyclists. That’s the point of it.”

Most of the money will be taken from Mr Sanders’ councillor priority fund – a scheme run by the council.

The council will pay about £3,000 towards the work. Other money will come from the city council.

Half of all people who responded to a consultation into the work were supportive of the plan.

The county council's cabinet member for environment, Yvonne Constance, accepted the project at a meeting at County Hall in Oxford yesterday.