THIS WEEK Thames Valley Police are flogging off 25 weird and wonderful things on their eBay page.

The list includes two pairs of iconic Ugg boots, loads of clothes, a camping chair and a bike.

Thames Valley Police use the buying and selling website to try and sell off items which have been handed over at police station counters, collected through investigations or seized from criminals.

All the goods are booked in and held in the Evidence Management Unit – but when nobody claims them, staff at TVP HQ make the decision to either bin it, donate it or sell it on.

The idea is the cash raised goes to the Police Property Act Fund which is a grant divvied out to community groups across the Thames Valley which covers Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

All of the listings start at the bargain price of 99p but most are bought for at a small price off the retail value.

In August, the force made more than £4,000 through the eBay page.

It was through the sale of an electric bike, 3D TVs and vintage coins.

Here's what's for sale this week with the current price:

• A teal mountain Twilight bike but sold for parts only (99p – one bid)

Oxford Mail:

• A Nikon camera lens (£56 – 13 bids)

• Children's pink and navy girls clothes from Asda (George) aged five to 13 years (£21 – 15 bids)

• M&S girls clothes bundle aged four to five years old (£6.39 – three bids)

• A bundle of tartan clothes from Asda women's sizes 8 - 12 (£5.51 – five bids)

• A grey fishing chair (£10 – six bids)

Oxford Mail:

• A bundle of 18 branded fuel filters (99p – one bid)

• A Samsung Smart 3D TV (£70 – 19 bids)

Oxford Mail:

• A black Kenzo shirt in a medium (£18 – four bids)

• A bundle of Asda George boy's clothes in blue and green and in sizes one to four years (£4.20 – three bids)

• A pack of five Talisman reels (£185 – 13 bids)

Oxford Mail:

• Four size 14 to 16 stripey and tartan women's clothes (£5.06 – five bids)

• A branded Kenzo light blue jumper (£9.85 – two bids)

• A True Religion blue hoodie (£5.50 – three bids)

• A hand-driver socket set (£25 – 10 bids)

• Three gold and silver rings with pink jewels stamped(£62 – eight bids)

• Another Stanley hand-driver set in a yellow box (£6 – seven bids)

• Black Ugg Boots size 6.5 (£15 – five bids)

• Superdry men's hoodie (£2 – two bids)

• A job lot of hand tools (£49 – 11 bids)

• Zara black puffer jacket (£9.50 – six bids)

• Various old coins (£10.50 – 10 bids)

• A coat (£2.20 – two bids)

• Beige Ugg boots with a button at the back (£23 – five bids)