Indie rock sensations Peace descended on Oxford’s O2 Academy in what turned out to be quite a retrospective performance.

Frontman, singer and guitarist Harry Koisser and his bandmates, felt quite at home at the sold out show on August 23: the Worcester boys had an easy presence and confidence from playing so many shows recently, this one just ahead of their Reading and Leeds Festival appearances.

Opening with Follow Baby, one of their many catchy singles, the early 90s indie grunge vibe was evoked, also evident in Harry’s Cobain-esque striped jumper. Another single, Money, always the four on the floor dance stomper, was accentuated by lasers and lights to great effect.

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However, very soon events turn rather bland as the ballads are brought out. Passing swiftly over their cringe-worthy version of Cyndi Lauper’s True Colours, they play From Under Liquid Glass, a sorry tale of Harry’s drinking days, now long behind him. Crowd favourites California Daze and Wraith cement their reputation for enduring songs, such as their finale Lovesick.

Apart from the aforementioned From Under Liquid Glass,The set is notable for the absence of the hits and highlights of their recent album Kindness is the New Rock and Roll.

Despite some wonderful tunes, the self-funded m.o.r. guitar-centric album just scraped into the top 50, via the label Ignition. This, following two previous top-15 albums on Columbia, may account for a U-turn back to their indie-dance roots, and I for one am happy to see them be who they really want to be.

Afterwards, Harry told me their ongoing success across the age groups is down to their online fanbase, who are notoriously loyal, in the tattoo-sporting sense. He ominously told me that they are no longer working with the company behind their recent foray into m.o.r. guitar rock, which explains the absence of those Radio 2 friendly recent singles.

One can only hope that their new found artistic freedom provides us with more inspired sounds to come, based on their musical journey so far.