A PLAN to build a new car park on a field to support a school's expansion has been backed by county councillors.

Wallingford School wants to build on land off St George's Road, near the town centre, to provide parking for its staff.

County councillors were told the school's best sports facilities were being used and will be kept.

They were told a future expansion will be built on land that is currently being used as car parking so other space will be required.

The field is sometimes used for community events, including Bunkfest, the council's planning committee was told.

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Sport England said it was opposed to the car park plan because it has previously been used by sports clubs and there will be no direct replacement.

But Lynda Atkins, who represents Wallingford on the county council, said building the car park was a last resort to help the school's expansion.

She added an extra 1,100 new homes that will be built in the town will increase staff and with them demand for parking.

Of members of the council's planning committee, seven said they were in favour of the plan.

Another two abstained and one was opposed.

The application will be sent to the secretary of state for housing for their approval.