A FORMER florist spoke out against Brexit during a highly-charged day of protests in Westminster.

Rosa Ashby won plenty of praise for her appearance at Saturday afternoon's Defend Our Democracy protest in Parliament Square, which saw pro and anti-Brexit groups clash.

Mrs Ashby said Brexit uncertainty was the 'final straw' when she closed her Witney store in April and joined the rally calling for MPs to 'reject Brexit'.

But it came after a 200-strong pro-Brexit demonstration by the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) that morning, some of whom approached the second demonstration.

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Mrs Ashby said: "A group of between six and 10 people with Union Flags came to the front while we were speaking and started shouting. They didn't manage to interrupt anyone, so didn't get their own way.

"Otherwise the support was very good. I have been told to get out of this country before, so it was nice to feel wanted."

The ex-florist is part of People’s Vote Witney, one of many organisations across the country calling for a public vote on the final deal, and has long spoken out against Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Several members of the Witney branch attended the rally, while Mrs Ashby received a host of supportive comments on Twitter after the speech.