A GAME developer from Headington with a love for BMX has rocketed up the charts with his latest creation.

Adam Hunt has dedicated three years to perfecting Trial Boss as the follow-up to his successful Pumped series, which replicate the thrill of bike stunts on a mobile phone.

He said the new game was designed to be an easier introduction into the world of BMX for those unfamiliar with the sport.

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The 36-year-old explained: "The idea was to make its appeal broader and more friendly to those who don't necessarily ride bikes."

Mr Hunt, who grew up in Risinghurst, designed the first Pumped BMX app in his spare time while working at Oxford University Press in 2013.

Two more Pumped BMX games followed, the last released in 2016.

Oxford Mail:

Still from the Trail Boss BMX game trailer

He said he was still keen to please those who loved the popular original trilogy and was happy to see five-star reviews from old and new fans alike.

The former Oxford & Cherwell Valley College pupil said: "The response has been fantastic. It's been pretty bonkers really.

"There is always the worry that by making it more user friendly you are going to alienate your base but people seem to love it just as much."

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Mr Hunt said one of the biggest changes with Trail Boss was the improved graphics, as mobile games have to work with the lowest grade phone available at the time they are released.

He said: "Things have moved on so much since 2016 that we've been able to improve the graphics quite a bit, adding shadows and lighting."

An official trailer for the fully-3D app described it as ‘a new breed of BMX game' featuring 40 unique levels and 360 challenges.

Oxford Mail:

As with the previous games, the aim is to cycle across a fantasy landscape on a BMX, leaping gorges and dodging obstacles all while performing gravity-defying tricks.

Trail Boss BMX was released at the end of August and is currently rated 4.9 out of five.

One player said they were already 'hooked' adding: “They’ve done it again. As an avid player of all previous Pumped games I’ve been excited for Trail Boss since the first teaser."

The £3.99 app has also made it into the top 20 paid games in Apples store, debuting at number two behind Minecraft.

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Mr Hunt said: "It's been at number one in some countries but in the UK it hasn't been able to beat Minecraft, which is not a bad thing to be in second place to."

There's no break for the game developer, who is working on getting the game translated into different languages as well as rolling it out for consoles including X-Box, Playstation and Nintendo Switch.