A MAN who stormed an Oxford hospital and threatened staff to hand over thousands of pounds has been spared jail.

Matthew Mundy, of Waynflete Road, Oxford, admitted being involved in a burglary at Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in which £9,000 was thought to have been stolen on April 17, 2018.

Oxford Crown Court heard how Mundy, along with one other person, stormed a cash office at the Headington hospital at around 2pm.

Prosecutors told the court that at the time a maintenance worker and another staff member were in the office, and were threatened by the two men to hand over money, but nobody was injured.

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The pair attempted to make off with cash from a safe, which was open at the time, and thought to have contained about £9,000.

But as the pair fled from the office at the Oxford hospital, an off-duty police officer from West Midlands Police apprehended Mundy.

Mundy, who was found to have bags of coins on him, was arrested and later pleaded guilty.

The 33-year-old was brought before judge Nigel Daly at Oxford Crown Court yesterday for sentencing.

In mitigation, defence Gordana Turudija-Austin said Mundy was ‘pressured’ into his part in the burglary due to owing money, which a probation officer told the court was £1,000.

Ms Turudija-Austin added: “He is someone who has been involved in voluntary work, and has assisted in community projects."

She added: “He has expressed his remorse.”

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In sentencing, Judge Daly said: “It is quite clear that this is a serious offence.”

He added: “I think at this stage I am prepared to regard this as being a highly unusual piece of behaviour from you and a bit of a one-off.

“I have had references sent to me and its seems you do have strong personal mitigation and a realistic prospect of rehabilitation.”

Mundy was sentenced to 12 months in prison suspended for 18 months for one charge of burglary.

He will be required to undertake 180 hours unpaid work within 12 months and to take part in rehabilitation activity for 15 days.

Judge Daly added: “Don’t make the mistake of thinking you will get away with one breach, you won't. Come back before me and you will be going to prison.”