A LABOUR county councillor who wanted her colleagues to consider whether it could implement an Oxford Living Wage will attempt to push the policy for a second time.

Deborah McIlveen, who represents Leys division, asked for the policy to be debated at a previous county council meeting but it was not because of a lack of time.

She will argue next week: " Living costs in Oxfordshire are high and pay is relatively low. High housing costs mean that employers in the public and private sectors struggle to recruit and retain staff.

"There are vacancies in all areas of the public sector and this is affecting service delivery. Housing costs in Oxfordshire have risen at a similar rate to those in London where workers in the public sector are paid a London Living Wage of £10.55 per hour.

"Paying a Local Living Wage will enable people to take up job opportunities in Oxfordshire and according to employers would improve staff’s quality of work and decrease absenteeism."

Oxford City Council has its own Living Wage policy ­– but it has only been formally adopted by just 18 employers.

The council and its company, Oxford Direct Services, pay the Oxford Living Wage. Others include Fusion, which provides the council’s leisure services, and Oxford Citizens Advice.

Adaptix Imaging, Oxford & District Building Services and Feltham Construction have said they pay the wage too – but are based in Begbroke and Didcot, Kingston Bagpuize and Newbury respectively.