IN a turbulent week in British politics, Eynsham residents are doing their bit by 'knitting for democracy'.

A group of villagers have been knitting scarves next to the A40 during the morning and evening rush hours to show we have more in common than what divides us.

The committed crew have been sat at the junction of Witney Road since Tuesday, with drivers of cars, lorries and vans sounding their horns in support.

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The group has invited anyone to join who is 'worried about democracy in the UK', who wants 'to understand each other's viewpoints and ideas' and wants to express frustration 'in a positive, peaceful and engaging way'.

One villager, Joan Stonham, said: "This is not about Brexit. This is even more fundamental than that. This is about the need to ensure that democracy is respected and protected."

All scarves will go to Oxford charity The Gatehouse.