BREXIT is dividing the nation - as we keep hearing day in, day out.

Should we leave without a deal? Should we extend Article 50? Do we need an election? Should we even leave at all?

So we thought we’d ask you what you think on some big Brexit issues.

Since the country voted 52 per cent to 48 more than three years ago to leave the EU, tensions have been rife between Leavers and Remainers.

And Parliament is turning itself inside out trying to come up with a solution to Brexit.

But what do people really think?

Our parent company Newsquest operates nationwide, and we want to get a broader view of people's opnions. 

We’re running a series of ballots across the network to get views on some specific areas of the Brexit debate.

So, here goes. Each of these three questions is a single answer selection only.

Why not leave us a comment if you've got anything else to add?