AN OXFORD-based company must pay a former employee nearly £68,000 after he was unfairly dismissed.

Oxford Virtual Markets Limited, which is based in St John Street, repeatedly failed to pay its former employee on time.

An employment judge found that had contributed to his decision to resign and that the software company's actions amounted to constructive dismissal.

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The former employee started working at Oxford Virtual Markets in December 2006. By 2016 his salary was £65,000.

But he received 'irregular and inconsistent payments' between January and October 2016 from the company, which was in 'financial difficulties' at the time.

They were made net and not made through the company's payroll so they did not include tax, national insurance or pension contributions.

Employment judge Emma Hawksworth found there was 'no potentially fair reason for [the employee's] dismissal.'

She awarded the former employee £42,964.75 in total unfair dismissal award, £38,653.75 as a compensatory award with uplift, and £4,311 as a basic award.

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In total, that meant the former employee must be paid £67,788.25 by the company.

The employment tribunal was heard in Reading at the start of August but the employment judge's decision was only published last week.