CYCLISTS and moped riders who travel door-to-door to deliver takeaways have tackled their longest journey yet.

A group of Deliveroo employees travelled from Oxford to London on Tuesday, as part of the company's bid to complete a food delivery spanning across the UK.

Four riders from Oxford and Reading completed the 80-mile journey, starting by picking up a ham and cheese sandwich from Ole and Steen at the Westgate Centre.

They picked up another tasty parcel in Reading before delivering their food-stuffed backpacks to Deliveroo's London HQ.

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Theirs was the fifth and final leg Deliveroo’s rider relay, during which 30 employees took on a stretch of the journey on an electric bike or electric moped.

The challenge took five days to complete, beginning in Glasgow travelling through 20 locations, including Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and Oxford.

They covered 450 miles collectively, and took nine different dishes from across the UK to the headquarters.

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Rohan Pradhan, Deliveroo’s chief operations officer, said: "It’s been fantastic to see riders from across the nation unite to take on the task of completing a UK-wide food delivery.

"I want to say a huge thank you to the riders who took part, who not only make it possible to deliver great food in towns and cities every week, but also really rose to the occasion and completed the leg in an impressive time."

Deliveroo personnel from Oxford who took part included Cesar Gaito, pictured.