A CITY councillor has criticised a proposed plan to cut fuel duty.

Tom Hayes, Cabinet Member for Zero Carbon Oxford, criticised the prime minister, who was reported to be weighing up the 2p decrease earlier this week.

Oxford Mail:

Slating the move for backing polluting vehicles rather than their electric counterparts, Mr Hayes said: "The people who will benefit most are higher earners — who can already afford to drive. What about investing in buses? How about finding ways to reduce bus and rail fares, improving services, and making them more regular?"

Groups like Fair Fuel have welcomed the plan – which would be the first drop in eight years – saying it would promote economic growth, while hauliers have also backed the proposal, which many motorists are likely to support.

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However, it has been criticised by green groups and is yet to be officially confirmed.

But, suggesting Boris Johnson is 'not trustworthy' - 'especially when he’s put his Government on a snap election footing', Mr Hayes continued:"What signal is Boris Johnson sending to the car plant at Cowley, where BMW are investing heavily in the new all-electric MINI and skilled workers are keeping alive more than a century of carmaking in Oxford by building the first mass produced EV?

"When the MINI plant is threatened with a no-deal Brexit, the last thing it needs is a Prime Minister touting the benefits of polluting petrol car at the very time that it’s staking its own future on the cars of our future."