A 'MAJOR public discussion' on Brexit will be held in Oxford next month.

Oxford For Europe are hosting the event, featuring former BBC journalist Gavin Esler, Lord Andrew Adonis and prominent health campaigner Dr Rachel Clarke.

The panel will discuss the current situation at Wesley Memorial Methodist Church during the 'Brexit Unspun, Overcoming the Web of Deceit' talk on Monday, September 9.

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It comes as the government said today it would ask the Queen to suspend Parliament, giving MPs little time to move to block a possible no deal Brexit.

The two-hour talk is the latest in a number of events put on by the remain supporting group.

The three panelists are all leading supporters of the 'People's Vote' campaign.

Veteran journalist Mr Esler has appeared at a series of major regional rallies and is promoting his new Brexit-themed book.

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He said: “This book was inspired by the misinformation, disinformation and blatant lies of those who have brought us Brexit. My aim has been to offer the facts about what Brexit will mean for our daily lives - from the food we eat to how we will source our medicines, where our health care workers will come from to what travel in Europe will look like.”

Dr Clarke added: “The principle of informed consent underpins everything we do as doctors, respecting patients and putting them first. I expect our elected representatives to show us, the electorate, the same basic respect, allowing our informed decisions to guide them.”

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Labour peer Lord Adonis is expected to comment on the political struggle ahead, 'the national threat of Brexit to our democracy and future', and 'the urgent threat that a no-deal Brexit now poses to Oxford's car industry'.

The meeting will be chaired by Jocasta Gardner, from Oxford for Europe.