213 students received their GCSE results at The Cooper School in Bicester.

School proudly informed that 67 per cent of students achieved five or more 4+ grades while all of them achieved five or more GCSE passes.


The school revealed that 85 per cent of students received 4+ grades in English and 74 per cent in Maths, while the Attainment 8 score for the school is 49, meaning that the average GCSE score was at 5.

Executive Headteacher Ben Baxter told the Mail: "The school is very happy with GCSE results. All the headline figures I’ve seen are steady improvement from last year results.

"This is a testimony to the hard work of the students, their teachers and supporting staff of the school, and of course for the parents."

The school enumerated its ten most successful pupils: Benjamin Leach, Ashton Du Plessis, Damaris Ventress, Emily Allen, Andrew Latham, Alice Broome, Kasia Gibson, Abigail Ocay, Edward Ryder and Paige McNamara.

Oxford Mail:

Ben Leach said: "Opening the envelope was nerve-racking, however thankfully all of the revisions and work for the last two years was definitely worth it as soon as I saw the results!"

The Bicester School and The Bicester Technology Studio refused to reveal the number of pupils who sat GCSE exams. The schools' spokesperson Stacey Honnor explained: "These measures aren’t relevant for us as students join us in Year 10, not Year 7, so it misses out 3 years."