AN Oxford Spires Academy student managed a clean sweep of straight 9s in her GCSEs - despite going on 'strike'.

Star pupil Linnet Drury's incredible results have left her unsure of what to do at A-Level, but she is intending to continue attending the 'school strikes' over the climate crisis.

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The 16-year-old, from Oxford, picked up the highest grades possible in art, craft & design; English language and literature; French; maths; biology; chemistry; physics; history; geography and religious studies.

Linnet, who was happiest with her results in art, explained that she 'went on strike in the middle of my exams' to draw attention to environmental issues.

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Joking that she was 'aiming for 10s', she said she was worried when she first opened her envelope yesterday because the 9s looked like 6s.

Explaining how she managed it, Linnet continued: "I didn't want to stress at any point - I never did an all nighter or anything like that.

"My parents were pretty happy."

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At a school strike in Bonn Square in March, she told this paper: "We need to convince our world leaders to act. Many people have criticised them for acting like children over this issue.

"I think that this strike is testament to the fact that they should try and act more like us."