DIDCOT is Oxfordshire's sexiest town, according to a new 'sex map'.

The town's 26,920 residents spend more on their sexual pleasure than anywhere else in the county.

The Lovehoney Interactive UK Sex Map allows users to search for a city, town or county to discover just how sexy where they live really is.

Didcot is ranked at 120 in the UK table of 725 locations, which is topped by Dagenham in Greater London.

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Rankings for other places in the county include Bicester at 123, Witney at 177, Banbury at 185, Abingdon at 209 and Kidlington in 266th place.

Oxford, meanwhile, is all the way down at 462.

The figures are based on data from Lovehoney, which is the UK’s biggest sex toy retailer.

Product director Bonny Hall said: “Spending on sexual pleasure in Oxfordshire is in line with the national average."

Search the full map via lovehoney.co.uk/sexmap/.