Thank goodness someone has taken up the cause of our dirty leisure centre in Witney.

I send them an annual letter (with a CC to the relevant district councillor) about the disgusting lavatories, but nothing changes.

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The manager claimed that they are unable to use bleach-based cleaners. Really?

The GLL operator of the Centre says it gets a weekly deep clean.

That is absolutely useless.

The lavatory bowls are always brown, and the smell is so overpowering to make one gag.

They need a deep clean every evening, and the member of staff who signs off the cleaning rota on the back of the changing room door, really does need to clean during the day, not merely take a look around and swiftly exit. 

I’m frankly amazed there has not been a major health issue at the centre.

It can only be a matter of time.

Juliet Curry