A POPULAR pub has been hit by another major blow after residents said ‘persistent and intrusive’ noise should see it closed.

The Isis Farmhouse, near Iffley Lock, was last week criticised for its hygiene rating after it plummeted from the best score to the worst.

Two residents have now complained that the pub is disturbing residents ‘during weekdays and particularly at weekends and bank holidays’.

A request that the pub’s licence is reviewed could see it restricted or, in the most severe instance, taken away completely by Oxford City Council.

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According to the complaints, residents have ‘experienced persistent and excessive intrusive noise disturbance and nuisance from the Isis Farmhouse’.

‘Loud and unlawful fireworks’ are also alleged to have been released ‘late at night’.

Since taking it over in 2017, the Isis Farmhouse’s owners have hosted many events, including the Oxford Psychedelic Society’s Oddball Festival.

A long list of problems was included by disturbed residents – but city council licensing officers rejected about half of those, redacting them from official documents.

Adrian Burns, the pub’s co-owner, said: “The complainant is our neighbour and it’s someone who’s been complaining about the pub for years. She tried to buy the pub years ago and was outbid and has held a grudge since.”

Mr Burns claimed they had sought to ‘encourage everyone to make complaints wherever they can’ about the pub – even though some of them had been ‘clearly exaggerated’.

The city council allowed complaints that patrons leaving the pub have caused ‘persistent noise disturbance’ as they walked away or got taxis late at night.

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They also allowed concerns that hay bales being used for sound-proofing in large marquees are fire hazards and that ‘drugs and drug paraphernalia’ have been found in Iffley Village after events at the pub.

Other complaints that accused the pub’s owners of putting children at risk, not preventing crime and disorder and failing to prevent nuisance were amongst those rejected.

The pub’s owners sought to change its licence in July, asking for changes to allow more flexibility for events and designate an acceptable sound level it would not be allowed to exceed.

Those changes are yet to be decided.

The Isis Farmhouse’s food hygiene and safety were rated ‘poor' when it was given a zero rating following a visit in July.

City council environmental health officers said they had ‘little’ confidence in management.

Its structural compliance – including the cleanliness and condition of its building – was found to be ‘bad’.

In 2017, at its last inspection, it was given a five-star rating. Last week, co-owner Adrian Burns, said: “Unfortunately our recent visit took place when we had a temporary chef working on his own who was unaware of where our records are kept."