MEMBERS of Oxford's Citizens Assembly on Climate Change will be selected from a 'residents panel'.

According to Oxford City Council, polling company Ipsos MORI's are yet to start recruiting from the panel.

Members of the public – randomly selected from household addresses across the city – have been asked if they would like to join the panel, with those who have signed up set to be asked if they are willing to take part in the assembly.

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That panel is separate to an 'independent advisory group' 'providing governance and oversight' for the body, which will look at a zero carbon target.

Council spokeswoman Lauren Edwards explained: "Any gaps in the demographic profile of the assembly – for example, where certain groups may be under-represented – will be addressed by Ipsos MORI using other methods of targeted external recruitment.

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"Participants are recruited according to various demographics factors such as age, gender, work status, ethnicity, and attitudes to ensure that the 50 participants broadly reflect both the profile and the current attitudes of Oxford residents."

Residents cannot apply to become an assembly member, but recruitment will be ongoing until all 50 participants have been confirmed ahead of the first weekend, on September 28-29, the council said.

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Participants will each be paid a £300 honorarium.