AN OXFORD man has been forced to pay almost £600 after he allowed strangers to remove rubbish that was later fly-tipped.

Lee Loveridge, from Greater Leys, was successfully prosecuted by South Oxfordshire District Council after he failed to carry out the required checks when arranging for the waste to be taken from his property.

The 40-year-old, of Plover Drive, pleaded guilty at Oxford Magistrates’ Court on Monday to a charge relating to householder duty of care.

Magistrates heard how a fly-tip of domestic waste was found in Southend in Garsington, near Oxford, on March 25 this year.

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A district council enforcement officer visited the site to investigate and found packaging with labels addressed to Loveridge’s daughter.

Officers wrote to the address asking about the rubbish, with Loveridge revealing he had paid for the waste to be removed.

The Oxford resident was interviewed under caution and told officers he had paid ‘some individuals’ to take several items away.

He said he had spotted them driving a van offering waste collection along his road.

Loveridge had previously been warned by the council for the same offence, but the dad admitted he had not checked whether the people in the van were registered as licensed waste carriers.

He also failed to receive confirmation in writing of where the waste was going, while he did not record any details about the vehicle or individuals involved.

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Anyone paying to have rubbish taken away must record these details by law, while they must ensure the waste is being taken away legally.

In court, Loveridge admitted not taking reasonable measures to ensure his waste was transferred to an authorised person.

He pleaded guilty to the charge of breaching Section 34 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, relating to householder duty of care.

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Loveridge was fined £200, as well as being ordered to pay costs of £100, compensation of £266.32 and a victim surcharge of £30.

David Rouane, cabinet member for housing and environment at South Oxfordshire District Council, said: “If you arrange to have waste removed from your property you must carry out the checks required by law, including recording details of the vehicle and individuals involved.

“If you fail to do so you could be held responsible for the waste if it’s then fly-tipped.”

The council has reminded residents that their waste must be taken away by people who are properly registered and can provide you with the correct documentation.

To find out more about your legal responsibilities when having waste removed, visit