Some Oxford Mail readers may have seen an article which appeared in the national press on October 18 featuring that keen hunt supporter and would-be Prime Minister of our country, David Cameron, who aims to see the ban on hunting repealed.

Our local group of hunt monitors started recording the activities of the Heythrop, Mr Cameron's local hunt, in 1998.

Over the years of monitoring, I have recorded our experiences in a notebook, written up at the end of each day's monitoring.

My earliest notes record this particular hunt as being exceptionally fast at finding and pursuing their quarry and many times my notes refer to hounds out of control in villages, running through private gardens and repeatedly crossing busy roads.

The ban appeared to have little or no effect on hunting activity, but there was a distinct increase in the efforts of hunt followers to divert our attention away from sights and sounds which would be familiar to us.

I don't know what planet foxhunters come from - could some little green men come and take them back please?

But they seem to be able to convince themselves that activities such as planned or actual damage to our persons or property, or physically preventing us from moving off, are perfectly normal actions by people who claim that they have absolutely nothing to hide.

Mr Cameron's hunt has all these characteristics in abundance, as our film proves.

BEA BRADLEY Cuxham Road Watlington