HUNDREDS of students from around the world have set up fundraising pages in a bid to pay for their Oxford University tuition fees.

The pages, which have been set up on the likes of Go Fund Me, can be found by searching for the university and are typically titled 'help fund my place' and 'help me get to Oxford University'.

The pages explain the trouble and hardships that students have gone through from being raised in a 'broken home' to battling with medical problems.

One funder, Gaia Ardizzone, invited donators to her graduation party, adding: "I know that asking for £24,000 is a stretch, but the loan Masters students can get from the UK Government covers less than a third of my tuition fees."

Another, Kay Jessica R said: "I hope to raise £9,500 within a month time frame, for me to get my degree from the University of Oxford. In fact, it is quite common to make a crowdfunding in the UK as the cost of legal education increases."

Fundraiser Lydia Khechine said: "I hope some of you may be able to chip in with however much you can, and possibly help me reach Oxford so that all my efforts have not gone to waste."