TRAIN passengers travelling from Oxford will be able to upgrade to first class from £10 on Great Western Rail (GWR) services.

The initiative is part of a new partnership between GWR and Seatfrog, a new 'travel upgrade app' which allows customers to change their journeys up to 30 minute before travelling, from Monday, August 19.

Co-Founder and CEO Iain Griffin said: “We want people to fall back in love with train travel and for the adventure of the journey to be enjoyed, not endured. With more Brits choosing to take a short break in the UK, upgrading can kick start an amazing holiday."

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Passengers can bid against each other in a live auction on the app, or simply buy an empty First Class seat. The company promise that customers never pay more than the value of the upgrade, tickets for which are sent straight to users’ phones.

Auctions exclude the Pullman Dining service and Night Riviera sleeper trains.

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The move was announced as passengers were told they would be hit by a 2.8 per cent increase in rail ticket prices nationwide.

GWR Sales and Marketing Director Phil Delaney added: “Whatever the reason for your journey, whether you’re travelling to a business meeting, catching up with old friends, or going on an adventure to somewhere new, the Seatfrog app lets you participate in an auction to access First Class at potentially lower cost.”