After exhibitors criticised the organisation of Countryfile Live at Blenheim Palace, the event's northern counterpart has been experiencing 'horrific' traffic jams.

It's the first day of BBC Countyfile Live at Castle Howard, 15 miles north of York, and the event has not got off to a good start.

According to the Oxford Mail's sister paper The Press in York, drivers have been caught in massive tailbacks trying to access the site.

The Blenheim Palace event also experienced traffic congestion in 2016 before a new traffic system was devised.

Oxford Mail:

Organisers of BBC Countryfile Live at Castle Howard have issued traffic advice to help drivers leaving today's event avoid a repeat of the 'horrendous' traffic jams they experienced this morning.

They also say they were working on 'revised plans for the rest of the weekend' but have urged visitors to aim to be there early each day and avoid the A64.

The organisers tweeted to motorists that they should not follow their sat nav or google maps when leaving this afternoon but use four alternative routes which are intended to ensure traffic is diverted away from the A64, where huge queues built up this morning.

Oxford Mail:

"This may feel as if you are heading in the wrong direction," they tweeted.

"However this will ensure you are home much quicker. Please follow our event signage and directions from our stewards and traffic teams on the roads. Have a safe journey home. Thanks so much, CFL #CountryfileLive."

Frustrated motorists took to Twitter to tell of their nightmare journeys trying to get to Castle Howard, where the four-day Countryfile event started today.

Even by 12.30pm, the problems appeared not to be easing, with claims of a ten-mile jam on the A64.

Angela Reynolds tweeted: "Getting closer but never again. We left Sunderland 4 hours ago and still stuck in a queue of cars. Was so looking forward to the day but now it’s half gone!"

Oxford Mail:

Another driver tweeted at 12.30pm: "Over £200 worth of tickets, sat in traffic for 3 hours, traffic queuing miles down the A64!!! No cars moving, what’s going on???"

A different driver tweeted: "10 miles of queues. There is a lot of unhappy people and a lot will be asking for refunds because it's a shambles. People been queing for over 3 hours from the Hopgrove roundabout."

Another complained: "This traffic is absolutely ridiculous. 2 hours to get from the A64 to Castle Howard is beyond a joke."

Another stranded motorist tweeted: "Absolute carnage trying to get into the event. Queuing for an eternity from A64, still not in. I’ve got tickets for Thursday CountryfileLive but it looks like we won’t actually get in until Friday!"

Oxford Mail:

BBC Countrylive Live ran for four days at Blenheim Palace the start of August.

A number of exhibitors said they were not happy with the way the site was laid out.

It is understood that the event may not return to the palace next year and choose instead another venue in the south.

An announcement reguarding venues for 2020 is expected to be made after the Castle Howard event.

In an online poll, 53 per cent of 1119 voters said they would not be sad if Countryfile Live did not return to the palace.

Additional reporting: Mike Laycock