A STUDENT who speaks five languages and has already published poetry books has dedicated his straight A results to his single mum.

Makahung Limbu, an Oxford Spires Academy student, is off to Oxford University to study English and German despite speaking neither as his mother tongue.

The Year 13 student is originally from Nepal, and moved over with his mum when he was seven years old to get a better education.

He speaks Nepalese at home with his mum and ‘thinks in English’ after living here for nearly 10 years.

But during his time in England he has learnt Urdu, Hindi and now German at school.


The poet said his mum ‘planted the seed’ of applying to Oxford University – despite ‘not really knowing what it is’.

Ever since, the student says he ‘has wanted it so bad’.

He will be studying at Queen’s College after securing a place with his A* result in creative writing last year, after taking an ‘early-entry’ exam.

Mr Limbu is published in ‘England Poems from School’ and ‘Nascent’.

He said: “My mum’s a single mum now, it’s really amazing. This was all for her.”

Headteacher Marianne Blake praised the diversity of the school, and said every student was ‘so much more than results’.