AN ORGANISER of Oxford's first two 'school strikes' has got into her university of choice.

Ella Mann, 18, is set to study ecology and conservation biology at Leeds University after a gap year 'to focus on environmental work in Oxford'. 

The green activist, from Oxford's Cheney School, got an A in Spanish and Bs in history and biology months after helping to assemble thousands of students in two mass walkouts over climate change in Bonn Square.

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Discussing her results, she explained: "It was scary (opening the envelope) but the grades have done what they needed to do and got me in.

"My parents were really happy and relieved - my mum was worried that the environmental stuff would have had an impact."

Oxford Mail:

Following Oxford's first two strikes – inspired by Swedish teen Greta Thunberg – in February and March, Miss Mann took a step back from frontline organising as a series of further walkouts took place. Another action is due to take place in the city tomorrow.

Then, students in Oxford and around the country are calling on adults to join them in a September 20 'global general strike'.

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Looking ahead to her own future, Miss Mann, who is also a talented dancer, added: "I would like to do conservation work with nature reserves.

"There is a lot of potential to reduce carbon (in that area of work)."