A MARTIAL arts club in Bicester welcomed one of the most famous men in the world to join a training session.

Film star, comedian and author Russell Brand visited Inspire Jiu Jitsu on Wednesday this week.

The club, which teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), opened in 2017 and has steadily grown ever since.

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Mr Brand promotes the benefits of Jiu Jitsu and was awarded his BJJ blue belt in July under his main instructor at Royal Gracie Academy Bucks.

He was invited to train with renowned mentor, Mauricio Gomes, and said he enjoyed his experience.

The 44-year-old, who lives just outside Henley, said: “I had a wonderful and illuminating training session with the wonderful Mauricio Gomes today at Inspire Jiu Jitsu.”

Oxford Mail:

BJJ is a martial art that uses leverage, as opposed to power or physical size, to control an opponent. This means a practitioner can defend against a much larger opponent.

The club said: “It was a real privilege to have Mauricio Gomes and Russell Brand on the mat.

"Inspire is a full-time Jiu Jitsu and community space, and people from Oxfordshire and beyond come weekly to train, make friends and develop themselves.

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“Having two very different but great BJJ people join us reflects our friendly community where a diverse group of people train.”

Classes are held every day at the club, except Saturdays, and it welcomes all ages.

Mr Gomes said: “Russell Brand has done a lot to highlight the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of Brazilian jiu jitsu. It was nothing but a pleasure to share my knowledge with him.”