FRIENDS and family of a man found dead weeks after he was arrested are appealing for witnesses to the scene in this photo.

The growing group say there is 'strength in numbers' and want anyone who saw Adam Stanmore being allegedly Tasered by police and arrested to speak up.

Mr Stanmore's close friend Bartek Piasta, a solicitor, is helping Thames Valley Police with an internal investigation into the level of force which may have been used and accusations that Tasers were deployed while Mr Stanmore was in the midst of a mental breakdown.

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The Cowley resident said: "Adam deserves justice and the investigation could reveal wider implications.

"Any more evidence, information and statements to collaborate are only going to strengthen this investigation.

"Adam was a man who needed help and he was let down by an array of services."

Oxford Mail:

Mr Stanmore, who was homeless and unemployed at the time, was arrested in Greater Leys on Monday, May 13.

Friends say he had been sat on a wall in Acacia Avenue for much of the afternoon before officers arrived.

What happened next has not been confirmed, but witnesses have said there was an altercation during which he was shot in the leg and neck with Tasers and pinned to the floor 'with force' by up to six officers.

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Mr Piasta said he understands he was then put in an ambulance but, at some point, told paramedics he wanted to get out and walked off – the last time he was seen alive.

Adam's disappearance was then reported four days after his arrest on May 22.

Four weeks later, on June 13, the 37-year-old's body was discovered in woodland off Grenoble Road.

Oxford Mail:

A formal complaint was then filed and lodged against police on June 20 amid fears that the way in which he was arrested contributed to his poor mental state.

Now loved ones are trying to rally more witnesses who are willing to tell police what they saw.

Laura Klee, the mother of Mr Stanmore's nine-year-old daughter, said: "Lots of people were willing to stand around videoing it and taking photos on their phones.

"We are desperate to piece together exactly what happened to Adam when he was at his lowest and needed the help of both the mental health team and the police.

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"We are appealing to those witnesses to come forward so that Adam’s family and friends can find answers as to why this was allowed to happen.

"We feel that Adam was failed majorly by professionals who we put our trust in and we want to do everything in our power to make sure that this doesn’t happen again."

She added: "Adam was a bright, kind and gentle person who had the rest of his life ahead of him. He leaves behind a young daughter and family. We are determined to find justice for Adam."

Oxford Mail:

Mr Piasta went on: "At its lowest he was on the floor and he was a vulnerable man who did not deserve it."

Mr Piasta has desperately tried to gather witnesses over the past few weeks over fears the investigation would close if none came forward.

The image of police allegedly standing around Mr Stanmore on the ground has been circulated on social media, but the solicitor has been working with police as a middle man between witnesses and the force because, he said, residents had said they were 'scared' after what they had seen.

Thames Valley Police has said the investigation being carried out by the force's Professional Standards Department (PSD) is ongoing now that enough people have come forward to help.

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There is still a plea for more to come forward, but there is no indication of a timescale and a police spokesperson could not confirm whether the photo was forming any part of the investigation.

Mr Piasta added: "He was let down by mental health services in Oxford, and police being there, they should have been helping him."

"His family are really keen to see justice."

It comes a month after an inquest into Mr Stanmore's death was opened at Oxford Coroners Court, where the probable cause of death was confirmed as hanging.

The full inquest is currently due to be heard and concluded at the court on January 8.