A DRIVER who allegedly ran over a cat on purpose has been branded 'evil'.

One passerby claimed on the Facebook page, Spotted Witney, that the incident happened yesterday in Priest Hill Lane, Hailey, near Witney.

The motorist, who is believed to have been driving a Skoda Octavia, apparently 'turned their wheels into the cat as she lay sunbathing in the verge enjoying the sun'.

The witness said they then 'confronted' the man, who 'denied all knowledge of seeing the cat and sped off'.

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They said the cat was seriously injured and taken to a nearby vets, with some users on the Facebook page claiming the animal had passed away.

The post has been shared almost 350 times, with about 300 people condemning the act in the comments.

One user said: "I really cannot understand why people can't have more of a heart. If it was an accident he should have shown some remorse, but by the sound of the man, I think he's pure evil."

Another added: " Anyone who hurts any animal is the lowest of the low. Hope they get caught and punished."

The RSPCA has not received any reports of the incident and Thames Valley Police has been contacted for comment.