ALL we can say for certain about Countryfile Live at the moment is that its future at Blenheim Palace seems uncertain.

However, speaking to those involved, it is clear there is more to it: the real story seems to be that organisers are so fed up with complaints from the local people involved that they’ve said ‘stuff you – we’ll find somewhere else’.

FULL STORY - Countryfile Live 'likely to leave Blenheim Palace' exhibitors told

It’s certainly true that local residents have complained about the traffic caused by this bonanza from the first year, and speaking to stallholders this week we didn’t struggle to find people who had various complaints about their experience.

Anyone who visits the event surely can't fail to say it's a great family day out - but there've been complaints over the years about ticket prices, and the prices of goods on offer once inside. 

Nevertheless, we are lucky, all things told, to have the country's only non-royal palace - and the many events it offers - on our doorsteps. And most of us who moved to the area knew it was here, did we not? 

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The organisers of Countryfile Live won't say anything further at this stage, but there could be a chance the event leaves Oxfordshire altogether. 

The lesson, if Countryfile does now leave, could be a short, sharp shock.

But would we be losing out?

In terms of the benefit to the local economy, a huge proportion of the money goes into Blenheim Palace, and some stallholders say it wasn’t worth it financially anyway.

What we will lose is a fun event that thousands of people from across Oxfordshire enjoyed, and a little bit of prestige with it. It may not be a catastrophic loss, but it would undoubtedly be a loss.