AFTER being described as the nation’s ‘wokest’ city, Oxford is now being praised for its ability to help people relax.

Lake District hotel and spa Daffodil, based in Grasmere, has conducted a study for its customers and come up with a list of the 30 most relaxed cities.

Lincoln came top, Oxford came sixth, and Swindon 16th.

Oxford Mail:

The study looked at a number of different categories, including the number of spa facilities per 10,000 people, quality of life and happiness rating before coming up with an overall total and chart of 30.

Oxford scored 62.56 out of 100, compared to Lincoln which scored 80.61.

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A spokeswoman said: “Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or a girls’ spa weekend, finding the perfect destination for your relaxing break is essential.

“We’ve taken a look at a number of cities around the country, ranking them on different factors, from the number of spas and wellness facilities to the happiness rating.

Oxford Mail:

“This has given us the top 30 most relaxing cities in England."

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Last week Oxford beat Brighton & Hove to top spot in the table of the UK’s most ‘woke’ areas.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘woke’ as being ‘alert to injustice in society’, or ‘being aware or well-informed in a political or cultural sense’.

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A spokeswoman for PR company Digitaloft, which revealed the study, said: "This study wasn’t a survey or interview.

Oxford Mail:

"They looked into several factors and ranked them to reach the ranking."

It's likely the study was not conducted in mid-summer in the city centre when it is often packed with large groups of tourists, including those organised by language schools.

According to Daffodil, the top 10 most relaxed cities with Overall Relaxation Score /100) are:

1. Lincoln - 80.61

2. Bath - 71.70

3. Brighton & Hove - 69.95

4. Plymouth - 67.66

5. Milton Keynes - 64.02

6. Oxford - 62.56

7. Reading - 61.74

8. Portsmouth - 58.90

9. Newcastle upon Tyne - 58.10

10. Bedford - 57.35.