PENSIONER Nora Tarry drowned when she accidentally fell into her bath while getting undressed and her unconscious body blocked the plug hole, causing it to fill with water.

The retired carer was found by police who broke into her home because her son, Ron Tarry, had been unable to get in touch and was growing worried, Oxford Coroner's Court was told.

Officers found the 77-year-old wearing her pyjamas and fully submerged in her bath, the edge of which was stained with blood, the inquest heard on Wednesday. Assistant coroner for Oxfordshire Sonia Hayes said: “This was a simple and very unfortunate accident, the plug not being in the bath. Nora’s body did block the plug hole, leading to the bath becoming full of water.”

Mrs Tarry, a retired carer and widow of Wilfred Tarry, had most likely been preparing to have a shower at her home in Columbia Way, Grove, Ms Hayes said. Mrs Tarry was declared dead when she was found by police on November 2. The post mortem examination cause of death was drowning. Ms Hayes said: “I find that Nora hit her head falling into the bath and either was unconscious or unable to get out of the bath and that the shower head being tangled around her arm, it is quite likely that she did fall into the bath rather than get in deliberately.”

Ms Hayes gave an accidental death ruling.