A TRUCK was seized by police after officers discovered the operator owed £9,400 to the UK Border Force.

The fines were slapped on the company after it was 'caught smuggling people into UK,' according to a tweet from Thames Valley Police's roads team.

Officers pulled the vehicle over today on the A34 in Abingdon, and detained the truck until the debt was paid off in full. 

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It is the second such discovery on the same stretch of road in a matter of days.

On Friday police tweeted about a lorry seized for routine checks on the number of hours the driver had been working for.

It found that the lorry company owed £20,000 in unpaid fines, for allowing illegal immigrants to sneak into the country inside their lorries.

One man, replying to today's tweet, said: "Seems to be a reoccurring issue...great job that you're catching these people."