LAST night I sat and watched a programme on Channel 4, it was George Clarke's Council Housing Scandal.

I am so enraged about what's going on. I learnt a lot from this programme (and none of it good).

It is absolutely disgusting what is going on today. The government washed it's hands of the responsibility of council house building back in the 1980s, when decisions were handed over to local councils and housing associations etc. Subsequent governments have just totally ignored the problems.

You only have to look around Oxford.

The new Westgate Centre, instead of building a monstrosity full of shops, where is the council housing that would have been far more useful to Oxford?

Everywhere else you see buildings going up, it is all student accommodation and most of it for Brookes (who seem to be taking over Oxford).

In years to come, Oxford will become one enormous college/university campus.

The way things look, Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council do not have the courage to stand up to the government concerning council housing.

I agree fully with what was said last night about following Wales and Scotland and abolishing 'the right to buy', and please Oxford stop building student accommodation and start caring about the permanent local people.

Yours faithfully,

Ms J Howells

Chillingworth Crescent

Wood Farm